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From: Troy-Heagy at
Date: 13 Jan 1998 11:12:49 -0700
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Just out of curiosity and to prepare myself for the upcoming episodes... 
Which of the season 5 episodes do you consider the best?  i.e.  Which do
you recommend as MUST SEE?

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Date: 13 Jan 1998 20:33:36 -0700
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Actually, I say watch 'em all...usually each season we have one where you go,
"oh, well, it was a good effort."  This time, so far they're all solid; in many
ways, I think it's our best season to date.  There are a couple that will
doubtless split the fan reactions down the middle, as Deconstruction did, but
that's intended, just to keep folks from getting, in general,
I'm pleased with them all.  

I'll leave it to the viewers to determine which of them is best.


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