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From: "H. Keith Hamilton" <hkeith at>
Date: 13 Jan 1998 20:46:05 -0700
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Dear JMS,

We've seen the ultimate fate of the Shadow's homeworld.  Now, what about
the Vorlon Homeworld and its vast empire.  Has there been or will there
ever be attempts to explore (and maybe exploit) Vorlon space now that they
are gone?  

Is there a possibility that a future episode (Season 5 or Crusade) or TNT
movie or (better yet) a possible motion picture might deal with this
subject?  Do you have anything in the works or written down somewhere in
your vast pile of notes?

>From a devoted fan from the original "Gathering."


H. Keith Hamilton
hkeith at

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Date: 14 Jan 1998 07:00:58 -0700
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All I can say is that you'll hear about this more in S5.


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