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Dear JMS,

     I've had the pleasure of watching the movie "In the Beginning" and
was most impressed. It was a great two hours and certainly worth my
time. Many thanks for providing such entertainment.

     Here's a question for you, though:  one of the (many) fun things
about this movie was identifying clips taken from other episodes and put
to use here, sort of a reverse flash-back scene (or maybe even a
flashforward scene). It was good of you to bring back Michael York, even
if only in clip form, for his key scene here, for example.
     How much of the movie, do you estimate, came pre-made in clip
format?  How much work was required in splicing those clips into the
movie?  And how much of the budget do you think you saved in terms of
re-using those clips?  Did B5 fans get more bang for their buck, as I

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I think if you add up all the footage from other episodes, it's probably less
than about 5 minutes total.

I figure, if we shot it right the first time, why redo it?  Also, if we take
the position that this "happened," it should be identical, and a restaging
wouldn't be identical.


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