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Just saw "And the Sky Full of Stars" for the first time in 4 years or  so...
This was the show that made me realize you really had your hooks in
me. If this had been a novel - I would have been up the rest of the
night reading.....

The thing that impressed itself most upon my minuscule cranium was
how "theatrical" this episode felt - especially the cyber interrogation.
As the character played by Naemes pushed Sinclair harder and
harder - the sets became more minimalist and claustrophobic.
And O'Hare's (and Naemes!) stage honed skills really were
showcased. Perfect effect!

It then struck me that the other episode that could have easily been
translated to the "boards"  ("Intersections in Real Time") was also
about someone trying through manipulation to break down
someone's mental defenses... Are you trying to tell us something?

I guess the whole point to this missive is to gauge your intentions
as to any future work for the stage. You certainly have demonstrated
that you have the talent and skill to do a bang-up job...

For that matter, when you feel a story struggling to get out - how do
you decide which medium to pursue? Is that a dumb question? Is it
decided by the nature of the story, an instinctive feel, somewhere in
between?  This whole aspect of the creative genuis is a mystery to me...


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I have a modest theatrical background, with about a dozen one-acts and a
handful of full-length plays produced.  That's where I cut my teeth as a
dramatic writer, so that tends to sneak out every once in a while.


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