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Hello Joe,

	Since the novelization of In The Beginning came out a month before it was
shown on TV, naturally I read it first. And I kicked myself for having done so
due to the fact that I expected all of those great moments which PAD added to
the novelization to actually be in the movie. Therefore, I don't appreciate the
movie nearly as much as I should have because I read the novelization first. On
reflection, I should have read it afterwards, which is probably how you intended
this to happen.

	So, I ask this; is the Thirdspace novelization similar? Should I read it
after I see the movie? It occurs to me that the two movies aren' t really
similar in any way whatsoever, and there's only so much even PAD could do with a
novelization. And since you probably have had access to the novelization you can
tell us about this. So, should we wait for the movie, or read the novelization
when it comes out?


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Date: 21 Jan 1998 18:07:39 -0700
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Haven't seen the manuscript yet on the Thirdspace novelization, so I can't
comment, though I suspect he added stuff there to fill it out.


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