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(spoilers for The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari)
Give it up. If you're going this far you're asking for trouble.

	I'm not one to usually write about the current episode. While the show was
on in syndication I was one of the last in the US to see the episodes, so I
only read what got sent out on the listserv lists. With this episode I felt
I immediately had to get online and write. As usual, thank you immensely
for the wonderful story. Every time we turn a corner in it and believe the
story to be over, or ending, you pull one over on us and catch us off
guard. This was one of those episodes. So, on top of thank you for the
wonderful story, thank you for the absolutely best episode ever.
	First the "B" Plot - Lennier. When you state you are focusing the season
on rebuilding, the last thing we are to expect is a monumental change in
character such as this. I expected Lennier to be his usual self, making the
occasional wonderful moment, and always being spectacular. But to leave the
service of Delenn (I know, he'll never leave her service, but to leave her
side physically) and join the rangers. I don't think anyone was expecting
that. I hope to see Lennier very soon.
	I couldn't help notice in Sheridan's part in Londo's dream? coma? quest?
his uniform kept changing. It started with his EA uniform, then the plain
white shirt, then the black uniform. This progression has already occurred.
Next was the Entil'zha uniform, and then an odd outfit, almost like the
gray council. I look forward to seeing what this foreshadowing will lead
	The wonderful moment we saw a few seasons ago with Lennier and Vir meeting
in the Zocalo was followed up beautifully in this episode. Vir was very
awkward with his goodbye, but the hug definitly suited the moment.
	So, now my actual question. I read that this was originally titled "The
Very Long Night of Susan Ivanova". If I remember correctly, it would have
been a second season episode (although this could be wrong). How would this
story have been? This worked wonderfully as a fifth season episode, because
we've seen what Londo has done, where he has come from, and where he will
go. Seeing him in the quest situations brought back memories, some good,
some bad. The whip scene was even more intense to me this time with the
roles reversed. Peter and Andreas were at there best in this episode.
	The only way I can figure out how you would have done this with Susan is
as a character builder episode. I guess this would have shown her guilt in
her family's death, disobeying her father's wishes by joining Earthforce,
and maybe even have foreshadowed her latent abilities. That's my guess.
What can you tell us. How would the episode have gone? How would characters
that hadn't gone through as much played such a large part in her quest?
Tell us more, please.
	One last question, this one from my wife (a B5 convert - she hated sci-fi
when we first met). Why is it Ivanova if her father and brother were
Ivanov? Is this something in the russian language?
	Again, thanks for a spectacular five years.

Taln Hess/ Rafe Telsch

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Nothing like this was planned for Susan; I just liked the title and adjusted

And in Russian, it's Ivanov for males, Ivanova for females.


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