Season 5 quotation marks? (no spoilers)

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After having now seen "No Compromises" and "The Very Long Night of Londo
Mollari," I've noticed something disturbing:

Somehow, the quotation marks have disappeared from the episode title
cards. i.e., the title is listed as No Compromises instead of "No
Compromises" as it was for the first four seasons. This is true of the
second episode as well.

To some degree, this annoys me - it disrupts the sense of continuity
throughout the five years of B5, in a small way. It just *looks*
odd. Anyone else? Anyone know the reason behind the change?

Ironically, *this* bugs me, but I seem visually incapable of noticing the
TNT bug, unless I actually look for it (i.e., it's there, and I know it's
there, but it doesn't register in my brain unless I actively look for
it). Different people notice different things, I guess...

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I never wanted the quotation marks, so it'd be like a novel first page...but
each season, before I could catch it, some went through and I had to eat it. 
So this season I made sure to clarify that up front.


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