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I wanted to post my reasons for buying my video tapes through Columbia,
in hopes that you will keep them in mind when making your decision.

I'm a little of a Johnny-come-lately, I started watching midway through
season three when a friend gave me a bunch of tapes to watch when I was
stuck on bedrest with a difficult pregnancy.  Needless to say, like many
others who heard about the show through friends, I was hooked right

Nowadays, I don't have a lot of time for TV (the toddler seems to
monopolize it in the evenings, and who wants to watch something really
absorbing with a two year old in the room), so I tape the shows I like
and catch them when I can.  I was thrilled when I heard that TNT would
be re-running all the episodes in order from the beginning.  But right
away things started to go wrong.  I just didn't seem to be capable of
getting all 5 episodes on tape for more than a week at a time (and
neither did my friend).  By the end of the first month I had given up
and decided to get the tapes from Columbia.

I'd rather keep getting the tapes from Columbia for the following

Finances:  I can swing the cost of one tape a month, but there's no way
I could afford to buy the Warner Bros. tapes in the large chunks they
would probably be released in.  (Even if they only release 10 at a time,
you're talking three figures - my hubby would think I'm insane.)

Time:  One tape a month I can slide into my stack of the stuff I tape
off the air.  It would be so frustrating to have a pile of tapes and not
know when I can get to them, not to mention trying to keep them in the
right order.

Sequence and Completeness:  Columbia sends me the tapes >in the right
order< (at least I hope they will <smile>).  I truly have my doubts that
I could be organized enough to view the tapes in the correct order when
I would be acquiring them willy nilly.  To get the Warner tapes and be
sure that I got them all, I'd have to haunt the local sources, hoping to
catch the tapes when they get in and hope that I don't miss any and
maybe keep a checklist because - OH GOD WHAT IF I MISSED ONE!  (That
would be a tragedy of epic proportions, you see.)

I've got to close by saying that I watched my first show on commercially
produced video tape last week.  What a >big< change from watching on
slow-speed taped-off-the-air.  I listened through my stereo system and
was just blown away by the wonderful quality of the sound and made
breathless by the quality of the light.  I don't know if my heart could
stand up to watching on DVD.

Thanks for listening - Ellen

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Date: 7 Jun 1998 02:25:39 -0600
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Thing is...Columbia only had the rights to the first season, so the rest would
*have* to come from WB...but the great thing is, the WB tapes are only $14.95
per tape, 5 bucks less, and still for two episodes (and nifty covers).  And
they will be released in order.


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