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From: "Cindy Reuscher" <creuscher at>
Date: 19 Jun 1998 17:18:45 -0600
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oops, i made a mistake.  i posted a msg about my summer being ruined
because of the last eps being delayed until fall.  i didn't realize that
some people are truly upset about this.  i just wanted to let you know that
you have gripped my interest and imagination with this season. and i *like*
it! :)  waiting for these last eps is just like reading a trilogy while an
author is writing it and having to wait for the next book.  except the wait
is usually longer.  anyway, you've done good.  and, with those little
teasers you've been dropping out about the next eps,  this summer is going
to go by real slow!  

i apologize for my first post, it could come off as either tongue-in-cheek
or nasty.  it was meant to be the first.  maybe i'll invent the "un-post"
function also known as "remove-foot-from-mouth" key.

thanks for the ride. it's been terrific.  and, considering what you've said
about the upcoming eps, i'll take advantage of the intermission to get my
heart back to normal!

take care,

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 21 Jun 1998 02:35:04 -0600
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I took it with humor, as it was clearly meant to be taken.


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