ATTN JMS: Merchandise located, licensed or not?

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From: kevin at (Kevin Muñoz)
Date: 1 Mar 1998 16:27:13 -0700
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This message is being mailed and posted to rastb5m. My apologies to you
for the added clutter in your mailbox, but I have enough concern that I
want to make sure you see it.

I was recently in a game shop and I found a product that I hadn't seen
mentioned here or elsewhere before, and I was wondering if it had been
licensed. It is called the "Babylon 5 Component Game System" and was
created by Component Game Systems. ISBN 1-891394-00-2. Is this legitimate?
If it is, sorry for the clutter. It looked a little fishy to me because it
didn't appear to have the same level of quality upon which you insist, and
:) your name wasn't mentioned anywhere on the cover. It also didn't
indicate that it was authorized in any way; the only mention of Warner
Brothers was in a very tiny spot on the back with the registered and
unregistered trademark listing.

Again, my apologies if I am mistaken on this for taking up your time.

Kevin Munoz
Tesarta Online
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From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 2 Mar 1998 13:50:13 -0700
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Yes, the CCG is legitimate and licensed.


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