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Spoilers for those who haven't seen Intersections or read "The Crucible"......

Well, I think that's enough of that nonsense. 
    Anyway, I am 16 years old and as such, unfortunately, I go to high school.
One of the only things I enjoy about it is English class. We read lots of great
classic literature in the class, and one of the things we read was Arthur
Miller's "The Crucible." Wow. What a great play. But, as I was reading it, I
noticed some interesting parallels to "Intersections in Real Time." 
    I don't know if you've read "The Crucible" or not, but I would assume so
since you are a writer. Anyway, the main charecter in it, John Proctor has been
accussed of conspiring with the devil. He knows he is innocent and he insists
as much for most of act 3, the act in the courtroom. But, alas, hysteria is
overtaking the town and people want to feel safe, so he is assumed guilty no
matter what. the only way he can save himself is by admitting to conspiring
with the devil, even though he knows he hasn't done it. 
     Towards the end of act 3 and the beginning of act 4 I began to notice all
the parallels. Sheridan is accused of conspiring with aliens that have clouded
his vision to undermine EarthGov. He knows this is not true and contests as
much and holds his ground for most of the episode. But later, he is almost
broken and is honestly considering signing his confession. But, then he comes
to his sense, after seeing Delenn, and refuses to sign it and give up his
    Much the same happened in "The Crucible." John Proctor actually signs his
confession because he decides that he would rather live with a lie on his lips,
than die knowing he din't lie. But, his conciense gets the better of him and he
tears it up and goes off to die.
    Somewhat different endings, in that Sheridan thought he was going to die,
but actually was kept alive, while Proctor actually died. 
   Don't know exactly the point I'm trying to make with this... I guess I just
noticed and wanted to see if any of the parallels were intentional......

Jeff Allen
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The parallels are in history, not in the literature.  These things happen....


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