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You have talked of the characters going about their lives in your head, you
as the writter just peek into the universe and see what they do, and then
write it down.  Now that you are done writting the show, how as a writter,
do you keep these characters from interfering with characters from future
B5 stories as well as completely different stories?  Do you see it hard to
almost never have to write for a Londo or G'Kar again?  Or will it be a
case of several years from now, reading your latest story and feeling "this
character is just G'Kar in a different setting!"

Thanks for the great story!

E.L. Lourette

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They will grow distant with time...that will attend to itself, though happily
there will be visits from time to time, and all will be as familiar as if we
had just seen one another.


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