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  Well, what can I say but thank You Mr.Straczynski for a wonderful show.
I would like to let You know that even in a small country like Estonia
Your show and You have fans. Even if my country doesn't have many Babylon
5 fans the ones that are here are devoted to the show. We watch and we
learn about our selves and hopefully the future. We reflect and we see
what should be changed and what could be done. 

As time goes by the number of Babylon 5 fans will only increase and soon
enough You will not be able to visit any country with out being mobbed.
Sure it will take time but they'll come around.

Because I am only 17 years old I think this show has somehow changed me.
B5 has given me new ideas and a path to follow during this, probably the
most difficult part of my life. My only wish is that You manage to read
this and understand that You have brought to life a truly wonderful vision
admired by many people in far of places. All the best to You and the whole


P.S If You are ever going to visit Estonia let me know!?

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I read it....and my thanks to you and the other fans in Estonia.  


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