In the Kingdom of the Blind ( *Spoilers* )

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Spoilers for In the Kingdom of the Blind

There be spoilers and speculation here ...

Ron Hunsinger wrote:
> In article <6f4o26$md6$1 at>, Richard Campbell <erc12956 at>
> wrote:
> > lombardop wrote:
> >
> > > The rerun on the other night, the one where Marshall Law is ordered and the
> > > Night Watch take over security, sorry I don't remember the name of the
> > > episode.
> > >
> > > I picked up an interesting comment when Molari was told the future by the ex
> > > emperor's wife (Majel Barret).
> > >
> > > Correct me if I am wrong but didn't she say "you must not kill the one that
> > > is already dead".  Does this apply to the future when Molari has Sheridan
> > > and Delenn as prisoner and he is deciding weather or not to kill them.
> > >
> > > I say that it applies to Sheridan!  I wonder if Molari is going to listen to
> > > the prophecy..........?
> > >
> > > Pat Lombardo
> >
> >   Sorry at that partcular point in Sheridan's timeline he's not "already
> dead".
> > Not to say there might not be another chance for Londo later on.
> I think none of the three has come up yet.
> "The eye that does not see" is the Regent's keeper.
> "The one who is already dead" is the Regent.
> "Your greatest fear" is becoming emperor, knowing that the position comes
> with a keeper, and the keeper's handler, who will become your handler, and
> that that the whole thing will end badly.

I don't see that Londo is in a position to do anything to the Regent's
keeper, or the Regent himself, especially if the Regent was fatally
strangled by the keeper last week.

Morella says that becoming Emperor is a done deal, no way to avoid it,
whether Londo gives in to it or not. I think his greatest fear will
prove to be either death, or being held responsible for the downfall of
his people. The latter seems to fit more with Londo's personality and
his intense desire to see the Centauri people ascendant in the galaxy.
"In the Beginning" showed him tired and resigned to the destruction that
was occurring in the city outside the palace. Perhaps the destruction is
being caused by the Interstellar Alliance? With Vir aiding them,
perhaps, leading to his establishment as Emperor, keeper-free, following
Londo's death at G'Kar's hands?

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Because we have only $3 million on which to make these movies, we have to
rotate the cast because we can't afford to have them all in any one of them. 
Bruce and Mira were in the first two, so we gave Tracy a shot and put in Jerry
as well as Corwin (his first), Zack and Franklin.

We're just looking for ways to be fair to the maximum number of cast with the
resources we have.


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