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The possibility of a made-for-the-Big-Screen B5 movie has been bruited
about for some time now, and, though you've generally expressed a
preference for TeeVee over movies as being more of a writer's medium, I
get the feeling you wouldn't object to a B5 feature.

So, some questions:

1) Assuming that you would exec. produce a theatrical film and have
final say-so on a choice of director, would you, in general, rather work
with one of the many fine directors who have worked on the series or
with someone with more experience in theatrical productions?

2)  Would your choice of director depend on the specific script that was
chosen, or is the choice of director script-independent, or would the
choice of script have to wait until after a director is picked?

3) Assuming you wanted one (or that the Warner's brass insisted on one)
which, if any, Big Name theatrical directors now out there would you
most want to work with and why?


Chuck Huber
huber at

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Date: 1 May 1998 07:01:13 -0600
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I wouldn't want to say anything on this issue that might preclude any
discussions; everything is fluid at this time, since nothing is set.


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