Attn JMS: Did cast changes have a real impact in the arc?

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I remember reading that when you planned this all out, you had included
'trap doors' for all the characters, in case they could not participate
as you intended.

Without getting into the 'why's (which really isn't my business), did
any of those changes cause changes in ways you had not anticipated?
For example, I understand that the departure of Mr. O'Hare (Sinclair)
was not in the original arc, but he did come back in 'War Without End'
and went back in time to become Valen.  Was he to have become Valen
in the original arc?

Were there any cast changes that 'threw' you or required changes
larger than you had anticipated in the 'trap doors'?

Will you be putting together any sort of a book or CD-ROM that would
encompass your original arc and the final outcome, as well as your
thoughts on the various aspects of the show (I'd like to reserve my
copy now, please).

Thanks for reading...


PS: I'd suggest taking a bit of holiday (goodness knows you've
    earned it!), but I suspect Delenn had you (as well as Sheridan)
    pegged when she tried to imagine him sitting on a beach with
    nothing to do...

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No disrespect intended, but I have answered this question about as many times
as I intend to.


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