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You said (I think) earlier that TNT wanted none of the B5 regulars to be in

Ok here are my questions:

1. Does this only apply to regulars (in crusade) or are origional B5 cast
allowed to make Guest apperaences (I think i know the answer to this one but
I'm just making sure)

2. Does this only apply to S5 Regulars or can regulars from Seasons 1-4
(Jason Cartier for example) be used as S1-4 were syndicated before they came
to TNT (so TNT's statement about dumping the originals *may* not apply to

Speakin of Jason Cartier, This leads to another question for the group: I
was given the shaft by my local stations (who were too busy juggling CBS and
UPN affilation to air the end of S3 and most of S4 with any consistencey)
nor was I on the net at the time so I just now saw the eps I missed. That
said, could someone please tell me if Jason Cartier's Departure from the
show was on good terms.  If so, is he willing to do (or has he done if Ne1
knows) Guest appearences on B5 or Crusade.

Thanks JMS and all!


P.S. About Garibaldi...havent you had enough fun with him? (Those who have
seen S5 and the end of S4 know what im talkin about)

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Date: 10 May 1998 14:34:44 -0600
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Though nothing has been set yet about Crusade, I would expect at least guest
appearances by some or many of our previous B5 cast here and there.

>P.S. About Garibaldi...havent you had enough fun with him? 

Not by half.


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