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What impressed me the most about Ivanova leaving was how adroitly you
fit it into the storyline.  It made sense (at least to me) in terms of
who Ivanova was and what had happened to Marcus that she would want to
get as far away from B5 as possible.  All through the series, whatever
changes the outside world forced, the storyline incorporated them.  I
suspect you have been hanging around cats for long enough it has rubbed
off for you have a very well developed ability to land on your feet.
	I am overjoyed (and relieved) to hear you still plan to attend
ConVersion XV--hope to see you there!

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Date: 12 May 1998 08:17:35 -0600
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Some of it's landing on your feet, some of it is a conscious decision from day
one to allow the random incidents of real life to affect the show, whether it's
an actor leaving, someone breaking a leg, whatever.  It adds a sense of
realism, rather than recasting or just ignoring the situation.  It's a
challenge, no mistake, but it leads in some very cool directions.


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