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Date: 11 May 1998 09:52:26 -0600
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Some years ago I did see the pilot and a couple of episodes. I did not
know that it was a saga and my interest wained. I enjoyed Star Trek, and
thought every third episode managed to rise to a spiritual/emotional
height that made great sci-fi.

A couple of years later I recalled a friend raving about certain story
arcs in B5. I was intrigued, but I did not have access to the station
that ran it in my area.

Finally, when TNT picked it up I decided to watch from the beginning and
record every episode so my wife could watch it at her leisure. She's not
big on sci-fi, but does love good stories.

Well, the power of the experiences that started kicking in in the latter
half of season 2 rocked me...and then season 3...


Even my wife was extraordinarily hooked into her "daily dose of B5".

Imagine getting all of the first three seasons for the first time
compressed since the beginning of this year...

Thank you, JMS. You have blown out Star Trek and a whole new level of TV
sci-fi. I can't wait for those intrepid souls who have the rocks to blow
B5 out of the water.


Mark Alexander

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From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 12 May 1998 08:17:44 -0600
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Thanks, and like you, I look forward to the next bunch of guys who'll take what
we did, and do it better.

(And with any luck, it'll be us.  But I'm okay with it even if it's somebody


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