Harlan Ellison Appearance, Sherman Oaks, CA, 5-16-98

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Stephanie Mortimer wrote:
> >From Rabbit Hole #19*
> "...The Sci-Fi Channel is now preparing a MASTERS OF FANTASY on Harlan to
> be shown in June. Interviews have already been put in the can with such
> notables as: *Babylon 5* creator Joe Straczynski;..<et. al.>...To
> complement the interviews, The Sci-Fi Channel is filming Harlan writing a
> *new* story in the window of the Dangerous Visions bookstore...on 16 May
> 1998 starting at 1pm. (..to show that Harlan will be creating the story
> from scratch, with no prior knowledge, with nothing up his sleeve, the
> producers...have arranged for a celebrity--to be announced--to give Harlan
> the story idea at 1pm at the bookstore.)....

The guest has now been announced as being Chris Carter from X-files. He
will also be presenting Harlan with something from the Guiness Book of
Records, since Harlan has done this kind of event more than any other

During breaks, Harlan will
> also be signing books....Dangerous Visions is located at: 13563 Ventura
> Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 (818) 986-6963."
> I believe the last time Harlan did this was in 1994, at The Booksmith in
> San Francisco. The resulting story was originally titled "The Byte That
> Bites" (Now called "Keyboard" -- you can read it on page 223 of SLIPPAGE)
> and starts "Chris Hudak knew he was in trouble when his computer bit him."
> This is a wonderful opportunity to see a master at work. Also, for you
> younguns, you might get to see an actual typewriter.
> *To get your own copy, see http://www.menagerie.net/ellison/elliordr.htm

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>It's been a while since you've said anything about it, but are you going to 
>get the time (with Crusade approved) to finish that other novel you were 
>talking about?

I'm working and have been working on a number of other, non-B5 projects (such
as the short story that just came out in a mystery anthology), but they're all
long-term projects that proceed at a page or two a day, as I have time for
them.  There's a novel, a short story collection, a play, other stuff...but the
show has to come first, so it'll be a while before anything happens to them.


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