ATTN JMS: Harlan Ellison vs Frank Sinatra encounter?

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I was watching ABC Nightline on Friday, May 15th, and the show was a
retrospective (for lack of a better term) of the life of Frank Sinatra.
One of the guests (I don't remember the name) was relating a story
which was intended to convey the "tough guy" attitude that Frank Sinatra
had.  The story was that Frank Sinatra went into a business, possibly
a pool hall or bar, and spotted some younger men, long haired and
casually dressed, playing pool.  Spouting off about "long haired hippies"
Frank Sinatra began to pick a fight with one of the pool players.
The man relating the story mentioned the name of the pool player as
a "young Harlan Ellison, in long hair and cowboy boots".  The storyteller
gave no further details of the encounter.
I was just curious if you had ever heard of the story, and if so knew any
more of the details.
Also, I still have the Chicago Sun-Times full page article about which
I wrote to you in January.  After your intitial reply asking for the copy
you never replied to my notes asking for an address to which to send the
articles.  If you still want them please send me a note with an
BTW, I sent a note to the B5 club e-mail address with the same address
request, explaining your interest in the article, but I never received
a reply.  Some fan club!

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Yeah, I've heard it, but the details are fuzzy, and fairly elaborate, so it's
best for me not even to try and recount them.

As for the address to use for me...the B5 mail drop is fine, though soon I'll
be shunting all that over to the main B5 fan mail address.  For now, send it to
my attention, c/o Babylon 5, 14431 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 260, Sherman Oaks,
CA 91423.


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