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I love B5, and I'm really looking forward to Crusade.  And although it may be
a sore subject to other members of this newsgroup, I'd like to thank you for
NOT putting female officers in spandex catsuits and stiletto heels.  I work
around military types and I can tell you, they never dress like that.  Not
even when off duty.  (Oh, alright, a few of the men do, but NEVER the women.)
If the female officers on those *other* shows (which we shall discreetly not
name) ever got caught in the bathroom during a sneak attack, it would take
them six hours to get back to their posts, what with getting the damned outfit
back on, readjusting the cantilevered hairdo, and touching up the 16 pounds of
makeup.  B5 has a much more realistic military uniform, and hair styles that I
could handle myself in under two minutes.

However . . . perhaps on Crusade you could go for a slightly less -- shall we
say polished? -- look for the makeup?  It's the one teeny, weeny beef I have
with B5; too much lip gloss.  Military types wear lip gloss very lightly, if
at all.  Oh ALRIGHT!!  A few of the men do wear too much, BUT NEVER THE

Just a suggestion.


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I agree, and this is something we try to watch, to keep the show looking
properly military, and not fall into cliche.  We'll definitely continue trying
to do this in future with Crusade.


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