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And did you happen to catch this weeks DS9 episode?  Well o.k. they did kill off
but one of their crew, so they are redeemed in that sense.

As a kid from the 80's (I do find it troubling actually considering that there is
entire generation that has no conception of the implications of that fact.  Truly
a frightening time to grow up, of course this younger generation will probably
it tougher, what with power rangers, barney, spice girls, hanson and the rest
of their ilk, yargh) I watched much of the japanimation that made it through to
american TV.  At this time, those programs became the definition of popular
Sci-Fi.  These shows stuck to a specific formula for generating their characters.
(Dashing hero, Rouge/Smuggler, Princess, Big Guy)  As a part of this formula
there was always a kid, usually he wore glasses and was some sort of prodigy,
typically the kid would have some a robot as a companion, sometimes there
would be some furry alien pet or mouse involved.

    "Speed Racer, the Mach 5 vs. Racer X showed us the way."

No, after living through all that, you're going to have to do a lot better than
denial to
convince me that B5 hasn't challenged a genuine stigma attached to SF.  It may
not seem contemporary, but it's still fresh in my mind.

Interesting and his dog Spot, what was your favorite Force Five story?

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>>Occurs to me that I can't think of a current scifi show that does. Nope.
>>Thinking about no scifi show currently in production has "cute kids and
>>robts as regulars." It's pretty wierd that JMS empahsizes this when it is
>>true of every show on the air. Even the ones that are worse than B5 has ever
>Sisko's kid son in Deep Space Nine, and the Ferengi kid in the same series.
>That's two kids in the same show.
>Maybe the problem is not in the proposition as advanced, but rather in your
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