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JMS-Sir-'thank you, thank you, thank you-please-no WCW et al in any of your shows!!!!   

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Let us go in: The fog is rising.
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Jms at B5 wrote in message <1998051008114100.EAA28227 at>...
>> To make the experience of viewing TNT programming
>>less painful for your fans, have you considered writing some
>>storylines for TNT Monday Nitro?  TKO was considered a less-
>>successful episode -- could you "redeem" yourself here?
>>The wrestler Sting appears to be a Crow knock-off.  Are you open to the
>>possibility of professional wrestlers dressing as Narns or Minbari?
>>How about the Nitro Fly Girls dressed as Centauri slaves?  I think
>>someone wrestling in a Vorlon encounter suit would be interesting.
>So...have the drugs worn off, or are they just kicking in...?
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