Claudia Confirms She Quit

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I don't think I'd say that Tracy Scoggins can't act her way out of a paper
bag, however I don't think she's as good an actress as Claudia.  I suppose
I'd characterize Ms. Scoggin's acting as "wooden" (I am making absolutely no
inference or comparison to Michael O'Hare's acting here.  I liked his
acting.).  I don't know if it's the material that's written for her, or her
acting ability, or lack of personality, but to me she's always dead serious,
almost always one-dimensional, and has absolutely NO sense of humor.  I
don't know if it's the character or if it's her, but her portrayal of
Lochley is BORING.  There's none of Ivanova's dry sense of humor (which I
really grew to love).  It's as if Lochley always has her guard up, and will
not let anyone see anything else of her except the professional face she
puts on.  Ivanova and Sheridan let their guard down and related to the other
characters on a level that was not "Captain" to the other character.  It
seems that Lochley is "Captain" and nothing else.
There's a professional face that you have at work, and then there's a
personal face that you have with your friends.  At work, you act like you're
at your job.  When relating to your friends, you don't treat them like
they're part of your job.  You treat them like they're your friends.
Lochley doesn't have this second dimension (at least in the episodes that
we've seen so far).  The closest we've seen her get to this was Day of the
Dead, and that was with somebody who is not living.
If only CC hadn't fubared her (and Marcus') whole storyline.....
[expletive deleted]  !!!

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Date: Saturday, May 16, 1998 4:58 PM
Subject: Re: Claudia Confirms She Quit

>>>I have got to agree.  Since she signed on as Lochley with B5, I have
>>>Tracy Scoggins in other tv shows.  I've seen her as a Cardassian in DS9
>>>a reporter in Lois and Clark.  She is the same character in every show
>>>in.  To put it bluntly, she can't act her way out of a paper bag.
>   WOW... I'm raher surprised to see this statement,  I usually watch a
>of Lois and Clark cause it comes on right before B5.  And I lost it
>histericly when I saw that Tracy Scoggins was on it and what her part was.
>first Opinion was "Wow that impresses me I don't think she could have
>two parts more differnt then Cat on L&C and Capt. Lochley on B5"   I'm not
>really sure that I understand why you say they are so similar, but I would
>to hear your explanation.   To me I saw Cat from L&C as a fluff headed call
>girl ready to jump on what ever guy came along. The good captain is
>far from that description it's not even funny,  I mean Capt Lochley in my
>opinion is stuff as nails and won't take anything from anyone, and would
>to kill someone like Cat on L&C.
>     Now I am not a big fan of Captain Lochley but I will reserve judgement
>untill after season five is over

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But see, this is where I lose all respect for this kind of discussion.  Just
about every time we introduce a new character, some folks say he or she is
wooden...then, later, this is a good character and THAT character is wooden.

But then there's that word, which is the core of it for me.  These days,
over-acting is taken as acting...acting which has any kind of subtlety or
reality is termed "wooden" when it's simply not chewing up all the scenery in a

On a strictly technical basis, my personal feeling is that Tracy is a better
performer than Claudia; that's a non-biased appraisal, said in the same way
that I can say that Andreas on a strictly technical basis is a better performer
than Stephen...though I'd rather not use such words as "better," which gets
into subjective appraisals, when some things -- extent of training, skills one
brings to the job -- can be more objectively explored.

Bottom line...Ivanova was a yeller; Lochley is a thinker.  They are two
different characters.  You can't look at Lochley and expect her to be the same
character or act like Ivanova.  That would be an insult to both the character,
the actor and the audience.  


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