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Dear Joe,
Don't take this wrong, but with the controversy over
Cronan's post, I have gotten thinking and would really like
to see your answer to what I interperate as Cronan's basic
When you compare your statements about the Fiscal
repackaging of Star Trek to make DS9, and then compare them
to the B5/Crusade situation...
Well, basically, I am curious how you stand on the subject.
Do the two situation have areas of similarity? Or is the
situation in your opinion totally (or somewhat) different?
Do you find yourself worrying over the pitfalls of a sequel
series and whether or not you can avoid the difficulties
with such problems as you pointed out in the original
posting about DS9? Or would you feel those pitfalls are not
applicable in this case as Crusade is more of a seperate,
but equal rather than a sequel...
While I disagree totally with Cronan's approach, I find
myself wondering what you would have posted had he asked the
question politely.
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I already answered this in the course of my initial reply, by putting it into
the context of what was the situation before, and what is different now.


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