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I am a player of both Babylon Project and Babylon 5 Wars, and am of
course an avid viewer of B5.  My question is...

How should be view these publications as information on the Babylon 5
Universe?  Ie, for example, Agents of Gaming's coming product, The
Dilgar Invasion.  How approved is the material?  Will you and other
writers for Babylon 5, Crusade, etc., read it as a source for making
references, or what?

Chameleon Electric's supplement The Earthforce Sourcebook.  Some of the
statements on fights w/ other races, war / Minbar, previous classes of
Starfeuries, etc...  Is this information "true?"

Also, ship class names and weapon systems for various capital ships,
both Earth and Alien.  Are these "correct?"

And as it is bound to happen, what about contridictions between the two
games, novels, comic books, TV show, etc...?

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One of the things we've begun doing is to start coordinating more closely all
the licensees, and there are going to have to be some revisions in the game
books to bring them into line with the overall story, and other licensees.  We
just recently brought on a reference editor whose job it is to catalog every
bit of information between licensees, and between B5 and the licensees, and
start making it as canonical and consistent as possible.  It's a hideous job,
but we're determined to do it.


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