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It seems to me that certainly is a great deal of negativity going on here
lately.  But, in a way, it makes sense.

I suspect that a lot of fans are going through a grief process. I can't count
the number I've times I've heard someone say a variation of -"I just wish
they'ld go ahead and show the rest of the episodes so it would be over!"

It's like listening to someone with a terminal relative.  And yes, it's just a
tv show, but it's been a tv show many of us have been wrapped up in for five
years.  That's a long time.

It seems to me this process began towards the end of the fourth season.  That
may be why people became so angry with the departure of Ivannova.  It was

Grief does odd things to people.  They get frustrated, scared, and (sometimes)
abusive.  Sometimes they lash out pretty hard.  The show may be reaching the
end of it's time, but you're still alive and kicking.  And it seems to me that
some of these folks are lashing out at you.  It's not right, but these things
aren't very rational.

I think it's a good thing you're leaving.  It's necessary for you to get some
peace and quiet.  You certainly deserve it.  (I wouldn't be surprised to find
you are going through your own grief process.) 

Perhaps you should consider a short leave between the last of the new eps this
Summer and the remaining ones this Fall.  Take a vacation.  Go somewhere away
from the fans - and leave your computer at home.  It might make things easier
on you.

It's impossible not to take this stuff personally.  But I hope that eventually
we'll all work through this emotional period and settle down.  We grieve for
what we love, after all.  And a lot of us really loved this show.  We'll miss
it.  That hurts.

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I think those are very good points...thanks for making them.


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