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On 25 May 1998, Craig McGill wrote:

> Reading your post on B5 merchandise made me think of Bill Waterstone 
> (Calvin & Hobbes) who refused to cash in on his vision of Calvin and 
> Hobbes even though everyone was screaming for toys, t-shirts, etc as it 
> wasn't about that to him.

Since then I've seen a fair bit of C&H merchandise about, some of it
good quality stuff; is it all unlicensed? And has there been any fake B5
merchandise spotted?

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Date: 26 May 1998 10:12:51 -0600
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Resisting the impulse to just merchandise the hell out of the show from day
one, particularly in questionable areas, has certainly been ironic (and costly)
since the ONLY area I get an actual, real (if small) percentage of the show
(the studio will always work the books so it never shows a profit on paper) is
in merchandising.

>And has there been any fake B5
>merchandise spotted?

Plenty.  If you've bought a link or an EA insignia at a con, it's a fake.  All
patches sold other than through the B5 fan club are fake.  There's a huge
amount of fake 4th season posters that flooded in from Germany (you can tell
the fakes by checking the poster: if it's unusually heavy photoreproduction
paper, and the B5 logo is's a fake).  The White Star models that
are out there are goes on and on....


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