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I realize at least one other person has asked about the commercial breaks
in TNT, but they missed one point which is really driving me nuts.  For all
three B5 movies, during the first showing, at least one commercial break in
each movie has been mucked up.  Miraculously the correct commercial breaks
are shown for the repeat broadcasts.  This leads me to think that the guys
programming the computer for commercial breaks at TNT between 8pm and 10pm
are complete idiots or that TNT tries to sneak in extra commercials during
the Prime Time hour which throws off your planned breaks.  There were
certainly some breaks which seemed incredibly long.

Is there anything which can be (is being?) done about TNT's consistant mix
up when programming commercials during Prime Time?  Hopefully this can be
resolved before January's movie.

As always,

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Date: 10 Nov 1998 17:28:18 -0700
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We've complained to TNT about this; it does seem to be a recurring problem,
caused by the folks doing the broadcast stuff Not Paying Attention To The Cue

It is, to say the least...infuriating.


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