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1) I spoke to TNT in more detail about the commercial weirdnesses in The River
of Souls, and apparently the problem was not their fault.  The processing
company that does transfers from our digibeta masters to what they can air puts
timecode on the tape; that timecode is used to calibrate where commercials go
from the format we provide.  The timecode was off by quite a bit, so when they
put in the commercials, they were in the wrong spots.

2) Interesting note...I've now heard from about a dozen people who've seen
"Sleeping in Light" (critics and friends of critics who got advance copies). 
And with at most one or two exceptions, every single one of them has been doing
the same thing: running the last 8 minutes or so (from the start of act 4
through to the very end credits) over and over and over, 5-6 times or more.  I
find that interesting because that's *exactly* what I've been doing with it
since getting the final tape in my hands.  I'm not sure exactly what motivates
it, but there's something going on there that hits home across the board.  I
was astonished to hear that others were doing the same thing I was in this
respect.  Will be curious to see if others have the same reaction.


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