Hey joe!!! teleplay????

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> hey joe I have a question for you...  I've noticed that you have been
> co-writting some of these eps with Harlen.. but in the opening credits it also
> says teleplay by J. Michael Straczynski (my apologies if I just botched your
> name)  so whats a teleplay??? and why all of a sudden are you making use of
> one???

Joe is a busy man.  Don't bother him for the definition of a word that you
could easily look up in a dictionary.

And, for the record, exactly one episode has been cowritten by JMS and
Harlan Ellison: "A View from the Gallery."

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>And, for the record, exactly one episode has been cowritten by JMS and
>Harlan Ellison: "A View from the Gallery."

For the record, it's two, counting "Objects in Motion."


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