Objects in Motion ( *Spoilers* )

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Spoilers for Objects in Motion

While working today, I was going through files looking for a name under STR.
I know that people have such a hard time spelling and pronouncing your last
name that you have actually joked about it. Well, I found two interesting
last names under STR:

Under CH I also found Chaszczewski.
On a level with these, I actually find yours to be more like a Simpson or
any other easy name such as that.

Also, while at the library, I found your books "Othersyde" and "The Complete
Book of Scriptwriting." Just from the summary of Othersyde, I know I'll be
doing some great reading this week.

K, now B5 stuff. The more I think of the episodes from season 5, the more I
love them. It truly shows you how much the characters have changed since
they first came onto the show.
I hope there will be a tv movie, a book trilogy, or a few guest appearances
in Crusade for Lyta and G'Kar. Just thinking of those two alone for at least
2 years gets me laughing. It's a story right there, for the taking. With Pat
and Andreas, you can do no wrong ^_^

********Spoilers for OiM ahead:

Before the two left, Lyta looked behind her, then proceeded to walk to the
ship. A few seconds later, Zach shows up and watched the two go into the
ship. Did she know he was there or was she just hoping SOMEONE would be
there? That brought tears to my eyes. This scene, alone, has put OiM in my
top 10 list.

Hope you have a good rest from the newsgroups/boards, after SiL. I can't
wait until Crusade.


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Date: 16 Nov 1998 12:40:43 -0700
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She was hoping somebody would be there.


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