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From: Andy Hock <colcsom at>
Date: 26 Nov 1998 14:45:05 -0700
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I've never spent Thanksgiving before with such a deep
sense of gratitude . . . thanks to you.















Thank you for bringing Lorien back.  The fact that he 
cared enough to come back for Sheridan touched my heart.

Thank you for NO opening credits.  It added 1:30 to 
the ep, and avoided letting me know Wayne would be
a guest star.

Thank you for the characters' development -- especially
Vir's.  Vir was wiser and more mature, but he was
still Vir.  Loved his wave.

Thank you for the special closing.  Showing the first
and last time in the chronology that we saw each
character was a special touch.  Also, thanks for
using "anla'shok" instead of "ranger" in the voice
over during the closing credits.

Thank you for the special guest star who threw the
switch at the end.  Very appropriate!

I didn't cry last night at all.  I was just sort of 
stunned.  Then, as often happens in grieving
situations, I was driving back from lunch today
and suddenly just totally started sobbing.  I went
home and did the "act 4 over and over" bit like
you suggested and wept for about an hour.

One more thing.  "Spiritual" and "atheist" are
not opposites.  And you are the most spiritual
atheist I have ever known.

Thank you.

			Andy Hock

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Date: 26 Nov 1998 16:22:25 -0700
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>One more thing.  "Spiritual" and "atheist" are
>not opposites.  And you are the most spiritual
>atheist I have ever known.

Threats will get you nowhere.  (said with humor).



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