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Spoilers for Sleeping in Light


I was not able last evening to write this message, both due to
the lateness of the hour and to the inability to find the appropriate
words to express my feelings as to what this 5+ year endeavour
of yours has meant to me.  I also was not able to get over the lump
in my throat and welling up in my eyes enough to handle this
composition until now.

So, on this Thanksgiving morning, I would like to say thank you
for all the time you spent, effort you gave, pressure you endured,
writing you poured yourself into and faith that you maintained in
bringing this, the greatest science fiction epic brought to television
(or movies for that matter) -- Babylon 5.

I actually did not become a "regular" until the early part of the third
season.  I had seen the pilot but decided I didn't have enough time
to invest in watching another TV series so decided not to until a few
years later when I happened to watch an episode ( I forget which one)
that really caught my attention.  Once hooked, I looked forward to 1998
if for no other reason than the opportunity to watch all the older
episodes and catch up on the earlier parts of the story.

I suppose the thing I liked most about Babylon 5 is the fact that it
is a grand, overarching, unified story -- absolutely unique in its scale.
That, of course, is no comparison to the content of the story itself --
it was a grand adventure!

The story of being at the mercy of outside forces ( Shadows, Vorlons,
Psi-Corp) and yet being able to, in measure, overcome.

The story of hostility and hatred between 2 individuals being changed
into love and friendship through repentance and forgiveness ( Londo
and G'Kar), and the contrasting story of what hatred unbound can do
to an individual (Lyta).

The story of one who is able to put his life, and work, into proper
perspective (Steven) and of one who overcomes his low self esteem
to become leader of a world (Vir).

The story of one who overcomes his personal demons and aloneness
and is able to realize his dream of a family (Michael).  And again, the
contrasting story of one who is not able to establish relationships
(Susan) and lets go the last opportunity to do so with one that
unconditionally loved her and gave his life for her (Marcus).

The story of one who is not able to deal as nobly with unrequited love
and takes a foolish course (Lennier).

And lastly, the storybook romance of a deep, deep love between John
and Delenn and the dream that they built -- and the final dear price paid
because of a sacrifice made in building that dream which was handled
in such a touching and moving way in the final episode.  But the dream

So Thank You, Thank You for Babylon 5.  I look forward to "Crusade"
in keeping alive the Babylon 5 universe, but realize that the Babylon
5 epic is over.  And at this point, I would like to express my one regret
with the series that was heighted last night watching the final episode.
I wish so much that things had worked out to where Claudia had
stayed around for Season 5.  I do not mean to slight Tracy Scoggins
in any way, but seeing Claudia in the final episode last night was
like seeing an old friend -- and I realize I had missed her.

And finally -- I assume that was you making a cameo appearance
as the worker who "turns off the lights" on the station near the
end of the episode?  If so ( and I think so!) it was a very fitting scene
for you to be the last person seen aboard and for you to "throw the
switch" that brings Babylon 5 to its end.

Thank you again.
Its been a great 5 years.
God bless you.

Mark Hammons
Plano, TX

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Those were lovely words; thank you for them.


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