Sleeping in Light ( *Spoilers* )

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Spoilers for Sleeping in Light

Oddly enough, the thing that made me the most emotional took place after
all of the dialogue. I think well done credits are such a rarity these days
and these in particular were simply outstanding. There was a story told in
every shot - and it means so much when a network respects a show enough to
let credits air unscathed. And the score for the end credits was beautiful
and perfect.

Of course, the rest of the episode was very moving as well but I think
many people have already touched upon that. Some parts that stirred me
that I haven't seen others mention - seeing the hallways of Babylon 5
empty of all the activity we've become used to, kind of what I'm afraid
may happen here. Let's hope not. Other stirring parts: Ivanova's moving
but not sappy voiceover, everyone's last looks at the station and how its end
tied into Sheridan's, the expressions on Sheridan's face as he drew 
closer to the sunrise, the turning off the lights by the creator...

I know there will be some who want unresolved threads explained and
the first time I watched SIL, I felt a twinge of that myself. But I
think something else would be lost if everything was neatly explained
and resolved in the end. This was JMS's universe and he told the story
the way he wanted to. That's good enough for me and I'm glad it was 
good enough for those who had the power to keep the show going.

Everything Ivanova said about what had been learned from the *place*
B5 can be said about what we have learned from the *series* B5.

"This journey is ended. Another begins. Time to rest now." Thanks JMS.


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I agree about the end credits; as we see their faces the first time, and the
last time, they appear in the series, you can see the years and the story in
their faces.


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