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Originally I had not intended to post a message here.  Any thanks I
could give you would for sharing your vision with us would likely be
said many times over and by people with far better skill in writing than
I.  Also, I've never followed the newsgroups or other online resources,
except for The Lurker's Guide.  In that respect I lurked even more
deeply in the shadows that most lurkers.  But now I find myself unable
to resist commenting.

First, of course, thank you.

My journey began with the original broadcast of "The Gathering" and I
was a faithful follower from that point on.  As the regular broadcasts
began and the series started down it's five year journey, with all the
accompanying bumps and uncertainties along the way, I also found myself
beginning a personal journey that only now is coming to an end. 
Fortunately, the ending was in light, not fire, but I did walk through
many dark places, and the loneliness and depression several times nearly
claimed my life.  (I don't care to discuss details in a public forum, so
I won't.)

There were times when Babylon 5 was the only thing I had to look forward
to in my daily life.  Not because I found that there were neccessarily
any great insights or new wisdom in the shows, but rather, I think, that
the show served to remind me of the collective wisdom that was already
there.  Often in our lives, and especially when we are surrounded by
troubles, we tend to forget the things that are truly important: our
connection to all things; the need to follow our hearts; laughter;
friendship; love.  And when we do forget these things, then we no longer
have the tools and weapons that allow us to fight the Shadows in our own

Babylon 5 often served to remind me of these things; to turn my eyes
back to the stars and keep moving, for while, as I said, there may not
have been any *new* wisdom for the ages, surely you have made some of
the most *eloquent* statements of wisdom to be found.

I constantly remind myself of some of these gems:

"We stand between the candle and the star.  Between the shadow and the

"I cannot have an aid who will not look up.  You would be forever
walking into things."

"Some favors come with too high a price."

"What do you want?  Who are you?  Why are you here?  Where are you

"We are the Universe made manifest, seeking to understand itself."

"Faith manages."

"Do you have anything worth *living* for?"

Perhaps I make too much of the show's spiritual significance.

No.  I don't.

As I said above, I had originally intended not to post any message, but
something happened this morning that made me change my mind.  My
gradmother died.  I was closer to her that to anyone else in my family
and the death hit me very hard, and once again I found myself thinking
the words above, fighting off the depression that I've lived with for
the past 16 years, reminding myself that life goes on, that I am a part
of it, that I *do* have something worth living for in spite of all the
blows and shocks that I may experience.

And so thank you.

Thank you for reminding me of light and love and life.

Blessed Be!

Sarah Eris Horsley Caffee

Eris                                  |  |        " help and heal..."
scaffee at accesscomm dot net         |

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Date: 28 Nov 1998 02:43:04 -0700
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Thank you, and my condolences on your loss.

If the show said anything of value, if the words took root and meaning, then
the effort expended in making it was eminently worthwhile.


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