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Joe, talked with Carrie Dobro, Marjean Holden, David Allan Brooks and
Peter Woodward today, and the topic of the B5 fanclub came up. They said
that Karen is no longer there, and since she was the only person there
to begin with, what is going on with fanclub operations at the moment? I
am just concerned because I have an order in, and am wondering if and
when it might be sent out. Is this part of the facelift that goes along
with the update to the website, or a separate issue, not that it
matters, it's just the timing of the thing that has me thinking that? 

Anyhow, fanclub snafus aside, meeting and chatting with the Crusade cast
has been an extreme joy, that's a good group of people you assembled

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The fanclub has been going through some considerable restructuring to make it
more efficient.  We're going to be bringing in a new head in a few weeks,
meanwhile orders are going out asap.


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