Rising Stars #2

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From: "A. Safron" <safron at concentric.net>
Date: 14 Aug 1999 21:37:13 -0600
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I just finished reading the second Rising Stars comic book.
The first was sort of skimpy, just an introduction, while
the second is rich in graphics and storyline.

I get my copies via UPS and the Sci-fi store
because the comic book stores are too far
away for me to justify driving all that way.

Besides, it's fun to buy on-line.

As for #2, about 3/4 of the way through I
caught the spark of an idea that we all have
some special talent.  It's a comic book of
the "real" world. 

It's funny, if  you look at anyone's astrological
chart (forget the newspaper stuff!).  I'm talking
charts that are meticulously drawn up and
mathematically accurate, you can see their
special talent. I believe a lightening bolt hit
JMS when he was born and still hits him once
and a while for inspiration.

Please, no flames about astrology.

Anyway, I also occurs to me that modern
comic books are sort of dances of good
and evil printed on paper.  They reflect
our times, most likely, and that explains
their popularity.

#3 comes out in early September.

-Ann Safron

From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
Date: 15 Aug 1999 00:37:10 -0600
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Just a correction...the one that's out now is actually #1, following the
previews, #2 will ain't out yet.


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