"Insider" info on Crusade future ????

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Which would make the idea that TNT has ANYTHING to do with the actors severely 
wierd-- this particular info strikes me as the most dubious in this 
maybe-fractionally-more-reliable-than-a-web-rumor report.  Does anybody know 
anything that implys a continuing current involvement with the actors?

In article <37b7b94f.695928326 at news.hal-pc.org>, enigma at hal-pc.org (Craig 
Powers) wrote:
>tvanhorn at columbus.rr.com (Thomas Fitzgerald Van Horne) spake thusly:
>:         There was also a mention of TNT having some kind of "option" 
>: arrangement with the actors?????
>The standard deal with the actors is they are signed to a contract where
>the folks doing the show (WB domestic TV, in this case) have to renew
>each year.  It's pretty much a one-year contract with four additional
>one-year options.  The drop-dead date here has already passed...
>Note that in the case of B5 Season 5, they went past the drop-dead date,
>but were able to get an agreement from everyone in the cast except CC to
>extend that date. ...

From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
Date: 17 Aug 1999 07:31:38 -0600
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TNT doesn't have options on *anyone*, only WB had options on the cast (which
are now expired).


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