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rand Lore Master of Tarkla wrote on 9 Jan 1999 22:20:46 -0700:
> Awhile ago, sometime after the release of book #9, You mentioned
> Three trilogies. Psi Corps, Rise and Fall of the Centauri Empire,
> and a unnamed or undecided one, I do not remember which.  Now since
> then, I have only heard mentions of the first two.  Will there be a
> third book trilogy? And if yes, is it about the Shadow War a
> thousand years before Babylon 5 was built?

T'was neither unnamed nor undecided. It was to be "set strongly on the 
B5 station itself", to quote JMS verbatim. It hasn't been mentioned 
since, true... but we're still waiting for the *second* book. These 
will be the seventh, eighth and ninth, and there's no point in 
mentioning them when there's such a long wait in store for us. More 
will probably come soon.


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The third trilogy (actually the second to go into the works) is a Technomage
trilogy, with Jeanne Cavelos writing.

Peter David is doing the Centauri trilogy.


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