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From: Lady Grey <ladygrey at mindspring.com>
Date: 18 Jan 1999 23:33:33 -0700
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Dear JMS & a thank you to the rest of the user group:

I know that you have had a great deal of people come out of the woodwork
after the show aired & after it ended as well.

JMS: I have you  to thank as well as a gentleman working at Xerox in
Vienna, VA for getting me onto the net & becoming fascinated with a
"project to be" in 1992/June.

I first saw the actual Usenet in 1990-ish while working for a
multi-sided building for the military. I was unable to find ways to use
it without scaring myself half to death with IBM type computers until
1992 while working as a temp for Xerox. 

Charlie Cochran {A name that will live in my lexicon of internet saints}
introduced me to the internet & you at that time. I believe that I was
actually hooked into one of these types of groups at that time. 

You were in the midst of explaining how difficult it was to project &
build a history & future for multi-universes at the same time. I found
that discussion satisfying & intensly interesting all at the same time.
I believe that we also ended up talking about the work of another mutual
writing friend...Steven King.

Since that wonderful time when I realized that there was a huge amount
of available intellect & expansive universe molding available; I have:

moved to Florida, to Daytona Beach just north of the Space Coast
finished my 21 year career in the Navy
Found a way to communicate with people about ideas & concepts
never stopped watching the show or thinking about how great it would be
to be able to once more come in contact with you & the overall
ideas/concepts  that you were trying to convey back in 1992.

Well. I think you definately filled the bill.
Will there be more?
Most likely.
Will it be this decade?
The new millenium is right around the corner.
Movies could happen but the station was destroyed..

Heck, what's the past for?
Lots of stuff out there yet to be told...

I have faith in you.

It has been a joyous ride so far, JMS....
if you sold stock in babcom; I'd buy it....


Jacqueline Georgianna Emrys,
LLD,UnLimited, The Lady Grey Company
The Herbal Cupboard, SeekCareersNow &

<-----------------<@  @>--------------------> 
 "When you work you are a flute 
through whose heart the whispering
 of the hours turns to music. 
 Which of you would be a reed, 
dumb and silent, when all else
sings together in unison?" 
Kahlil Gibran/"The Prophet"

    @..@    Jacqueline G. Emrys
   (\--/)     www.ladygray.com
  (.>__<.)        &  Proprietress / CEO
 ^^^      ^^^     The Lady Grey Company

From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
Date: 19 Jan 1999 20:31:29 -0700
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Thanks, I appreciate all of that.  The Internet has had an effect on a lot of
people in that way, and though there's much negative, those elements do count
as positives.

Continued good luck to you.


(jmsatb5 at aol.com)
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