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This was posted over on the Alt.Asian-Movies newsgroup, by the new
Producer of Martial Law. Is what he says true?

wrabkin at
> (WRabkin) wrote:
> > I haven't seen Crusade, and I probably won't. I have no idea if it's
> > or terrible or somewhere in the middle.
> >
> > I do know, though, that it won't reappear on another channel in the
> > future.
> >
> > And I know that because Martial Law, the show I'm running, is moving
into the
> > Babylon 5/Crusade stages. Which means the sets are struck, gone,
> history. Which
> > means hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra start-up costs to

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Rabkin, a thorn in the side to many folks, does tend to speak out on matters
that do not actually involve him (witness his letter attacking Harlan in
Creative Screenwriting a few issues back).

Anyway, to the point: WB was leasing the stage we were using for B5 and
Crusade.  The lease expired in the middle of this month, and WB figured that if
we get renewed for a second season, we can easily set up the sets elsewhere;
they were not struck or torn down, they were all carefully folded and are being
held pending a decision.  ALL our sets are made for "fold and hold" because we
have so many that have to go in and out of a small amount of space.  In 6 years
the only set that didn't get that treatment was the Zocalo, because it was just
too darned big.

So the costs will be minimal in unpacking the sets and hooking 'em up in
another stage.


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