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   I'm really rooting for Crusade and I hope another network picks it up once
they see the good ratings it will get, but I must make a suggestion to you. 
Ever since it has been publically announced that TNT has decided not to
continue Crusade beyond the first 13 episodes, many of your posts have either
insinuated at how terrible one aspect or another of TNT has been, or you have
blatantly said it.

   Now, I can fully understand that you are angry that your series was cut
short, and I think most B5 fans agree with you.  However, as someone who is
working with the Save Crusade people (who, as you know, have been raising a lot
of money to place ads for Crusade in Variety and Scifi Magazines), I feel that
your posts are not helping Crusade's future.  I'm certainly not a television
executive, but I would have to assume that if one of the SciFi channel
executives is considering picking up Crusade next year and somehow finds out
about your posts about TNT, he or she may think twice about picking up the show
if it seems like you might start talking about how horrible the SciFi channel
is for doing one thing or another that you don't like.

   Personally, I don't believe that you would do that, but it may come off as
that to someone who is considering picking up Crusade.  So, for the sake of
Crusade, I'm hoping that you could maintain somewhat of a diplomatic composure
when it comes to TNT matters online.


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Date: 21 May 1999 18:25:22 -0600
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I calls 'em as I sees 'em.  Always have, always will.  To do any less would be
a disservice and a dishonesty.

And believe me, it ain't gonna factor into SFC's decision one way or another. 
If any of that had even the potential for being true, then I wouldn't have
pending offers from literally all 3 major networks and 4 studios to come in and
run shows for them.

It's a non-issue.  Honest.  Would this face lie?


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