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Dear JMS,

I was wondering, if Crusade were not picked up by the Sci/Fi channel or
renewed for another season, would it be possible to tell the story of
Crusade through a series of novels? I realize it wouldn't be the same
as showing it on television and that it wouldn't reach the same
audience, but it would be better than nothing. You'd still be telling
the story, and most of the fans would be lined to up to read them. You
might even garner a new audience. Is there any reason why this wouldn't
be feasible? 

Thank you for your time, and for working so hard on B5 and Crusade. I
think it's great that you're willing to answer fan's annoying questions
like this.

Lotsa Love,
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Date: 22 May 1999 17:40:25 -0600
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It could only be possible via licensed books, certainly, and if I'm going to
write novels, I think I'd rather do originals.


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