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Flumadine.  You've never heard of flumadine?  

Lemme explain, 'cause this stuff just saved my ass.

Flumadine has to be taken within 48 hours of contracting the flu, which I just
recently got.  (After you've had pneumonia, as I did about a year and a half
ago, it makes you much more susceptible to flu and upper respiratory infections
and the like...and I'm susceptible to begin with, you can set your flu-calendar
by me).

What does it do?  It's a prescription drug that produces an enzyme that blocks
reproduction of the virus.  So what you have in the first 48 hours is all you
have, and those die off in time.  The result is that your symptoms are cut by
about 50%, and the duration can be similalry cut.

It's only been out for about a year, so most folks don't know about it...even
most of the staff at the medical center didn't know about it, though the doctor
was familiar with it.  I figured, having gotten the flu, I didn't have anything
to lose by taking a shot.

And worked.

So I commend it to you heartily.  Just remember, though: if you think you're
getting the flu, you *have* to get it within the first 48 hours or it won't be


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