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Wow.  I just realized that it's been a year since SiL aired for the first time.
 Over two and a half years since it was filmed and you turned out the lights.

I was thinking the other day how strange it was that a writer/producer should
have such a major fan following but then I thought it through a little further.
 In fact, it is the most natural thing in the world that we should want to talk
to you.

When I go to conventions and see actors, all I see is some people who have a
resemblance to characters I've become fond of.  They can tell me what it was
like to pretend to be that character and stories about how the show was made
from a perspective of the set and direction and lighting etc.  They can tell
how they were interested in finding out what happened to their character the
same was we were and about pranks played on the set.  This is very interesting
and enjoyable.

*But* if I want to know how that character really got to where he was and what
events shaped her, you're the one to ask because you've been into their heads
(or vice-versa <g>). You already know a lot of the stories that remain to be
told (and that we want to see). You've been gracious enough to explain the
entire process to us and illustrate the good, bad, ugly and wondrous things
that are part of the process of television storytelling. And...even though
you've begun to move on, you share our fondness for the universe that you
created and brought to life better than any actor or other craftsperson could.

I hope you can forgive us and be patient when we seem to snap at your heels
wanting more and demanding, sometimes, things that you're simply unable or
unwilling to give.  It's really meant as a compliment and/or tribute to your
skill since we are still trying to connect and relate to your universe even
though the main story has ended. 

So, once again here's my annual and still heartfelt "Thanks, JMS, for


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No, I understand the motivation and whence it comes; on a much higher plane,
it's the kind of stuff that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had to deal with after he
sent Sherlock Holmes over the falls of Reichenbach, after Dickens dispensed
with some of his I do understand it.

And thanks.


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