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>Tallman's afterword in Andy Lane's The Babylon File Vol. 2 confirms the

The problem with that is the way it was presented.

An actor has a fee he or she receives for a full week's work.  Let's say, for
the sake of argument, it's 7,000 for a 7 day shoot, only because that will make
the math simpler.  If you only need an actor for one or two days, it's typical
that you only pay the actor for the one or two days of work.  If it's more than
that, you generally pay full freight, seven days, $7,000.

We did this with Richard Biggs, who didn't have a problem with it, as most
don't.  When we went to shoot "Path," we only needed Pat for one day. 
Actually, it would've been only a partial day, 3 scenes.  Out around lunchtime.
 So we offered a day rate.  She wanted a full week's salary.  We couldn't do
that.  End of story.

No animosity, no acrimony, we had what we had, and that didn't work out.  But
it is utterly consistent with how all TV is done.


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