and the cost would be...?

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>$250 + $25 S&H.
>>[...] Available to the public for the first time: the original Crusade cast
>>and crew jacket. This oversize wool jacket features Dolman sleeves, a
>>satin lining with a snap closure. This special order item is only available
>>for the month of October only.For December delivery.
>I just wish they'd quit making the jackets out of wool!

I very rarely wear wool; it makes me itch like crazy. No way do I need a
heavy wool jacket that can only be dry-cleaned! (And leather sleeves could
be rain-damaged. Though I just heard from someone who was poured on while
wearing the wool/leather B5 jacket; she said it took 4 days to dry out, but
was in perfect condition afterward. So who knows...)

>Black satin exterior shell would be much better and easier to take care of.

The absolute best thing would be a *denim* B5 (and/or "Crusade") jacket. I
love denim; it's so much more useful than the above-mentioned thing.
Would anyone else like to see it in denim? Perhaps we should write to the
fan club with this request? :-)

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As far as I know it has a satin lining.


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