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        B5/Crusade Keyrings?

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Date: 15 Oct 1999 14:37:08 -0700
From: Andrew S. Troth <74663.3614 at>
To: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
Subject: B5/Crusade Keyrings?
Message-ID: <forum.babylon5.72073 at>
References: <forum.babylon5.72058 at>

> I don't *think* they're official, but I can't be 100% sure. 
> Certainly they never came through for approval, which makes me think
> they're not official.

Really? I've got three B5 keychains in stock, all purchased through
Diamond Comic Distributors within the last two years.

One is all pewter, has the B5 logo on the front and an etched drawing
of the station on the back, accompanied by the words "Earth's Last,
Best Hope". It comes attached to a bit of cardboard bearing the B5 logo
and a shot of the station floating in space. At the bottom is a logo
reading "Creation Entertainment" and a copyright notice: "Babylon 5 TM
& C 1998 Warner Bros."

The other two are pewter with some sort of color appliqu‚ on the
front. One is the Sigma Squadron Insignia, the other the Centauri
Emperor Insignia. Each has the following imprinted on the back: "TM & C
1998 Warner Bros. Rawcliffe Authorized User Made in U.S.A."

If these are not legitimately licensed products, please let me know so
that I can remove them from sale and go scream at my Diamond rep.


Andrew Troth The Mind's Eye Comics Eagan, MN


Date: 15 Oct 1999 17:03:08 -0700
From: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
To: Andrew S. Troth <74663.3614 at>
Subject: B5/Crusade Keyrings?
Message-ID: <forum.babylon5.72075 at>
References: <forum.babylon5.72073 at>

      The B5 keychains are legit; the question was in regards to
Crusade keychains.



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